Case Study

 Salon 205


Founded in 2020, Salon 205 is owned and operated by Destini Lewis of Livingston, AL. After going out on her own she has become one of the ladies of Livingston’s favorite stylists. Destini’s dream was always to own her own business, and she has finally fulfilled that dream.

While she is the only one currently working at Salon 205, she has an apprentice by her side to keep it interesting. They work hard to make sure their customers are satisfied. While this is a new business, I have no doubt it will be a sucessful one.


Given that it is a new business we had to start from scratch. We talked color palette, fonts, shapes, and art. She decided to go with something simple, but still cute and girly given that it is a salon.



Salon: About Love

205: Hello Honey

Color Palette:

Main: Cherry Blossom Pink

Secondary: Alpine Snow White



Creative Process


Destini wanted a bubblegum pink to be the background color, if there were to be a background color. I tried not to use a background color so that it was easier to print if needed. But the final product ended up looking better with the pink background. I used different variations of fonts and placing of words/numbers but in the end chose soemthing that could be used on a business card, door, social media, etc.